Art and Technology

I love that I can find thousands of art images on the Internet. What a wonderful resource for those hungry for an education in art. I know that I take advantage of this opportunity each day. However, I wonder if this easy access to art can also lead to fewer patrons at art museums and art galleries. Everything is so quick and instant these days. Browsers of art on the web may not think it is necessary to actually go and see a piece of art in person. That would be a shame if people don’t take the time to view a piece of art in its natural state. It is important to see the physical display of art. Think of how much your appreciation deepens when looking at actual brushstrokes jumping off the canvas of a Van Gogh piece. Think of the artist’s use of color and perspective when allowing the genius of a Rembrandt or Picasso sink in. I truly believe that walking through a museum or gallery is not only educational and inspiring, but also can be cathartic and spiritual. I do hope that today’s techno-centric generation does not fall into the trap of thinking that all they need to do is surf the web to view art.I know that I really feel more “connected” to the piece when I can study it directly. As a parent, I want my kids to go to museums and slow down for a minute to take in a truly inspired “creation” that was not digitized. Technology is an amazing way to share great art. However, we all must continue to support and patronize museums and art galleries to ensure that future generations step away from the digitized world long enough to really “see” a masterpiece.We can’t rely on a “drive through” approach to art appreciation.Art feeds the soul.